Avendela Management Consultancy is a management and educational development process consultancy institution following the ‘Turquoise Marketing’ principles created by its co-founder Kunter Dogrusoz. Its special, project-based team is consisted of professionals who have been in the industry for over twenty years in both national and international arenas concerning corporate branding.

A separate team is brought together in accordance with the needs of the institution requesting consultancy services specific to their project. The aim is to create a fast and efficient study process with a consultant board and executive team who have corporate success achieved in various industries to apply it to the specific company.

About Kunter Dogrusoz

kunter dogrusozHe is a co-founder of Avendela Management Consultancy. During his career as a manager and then corporate management consultant, he predominantly worked on;

Strategic management planning, marketing campaign planning and management, corporate branding, bearing & positioning, advertising projects & interaction inspection, public relations, promotions, active sales teams management and training, performance bonus systems development and appliance, feasibility report studies integrated with marketing plans, expo activations, development of product demonstration and presentation programs and CRM & ERP development.

He developed a performance ~ premium program called the Electron System and worked on applying it to companies. He remained in the trade industry by conducting active sales studies for the imported products with the marketing and sales teams of the companies he’s partners with.

He continues giving consultancy services by applying the ancient, unchangeable and unique techniques of the active sales world to the other branches of marketing (television, internet, print ads etc.) while supporting the notion that states campaigns are interaction-based instead of communication. His polyhedral career life allowed him to come up with creative solutions while examining the companies he’s representing both micro and macro-scale as well as applying the successful practices to other sectors.

He offered his consultancy services to companies such as IND Alliance Grup, Ağaoğlu İnşaat, Zen Pırlanta, Dexter Prokim, Arenco Turkey, PDR Group (TMI), Sur Yapı, Deulcom Business School, Office1SuperStore, Randstad, Alke Holding DSS, Senak Denizcilik (Enwa), Proses Su Teknolojileri, Coffee Caribe~m, Eltes İnşaat, Cine5, Polti, Doğuş Kozmetik, Mito İnşaat, Tele Market, Arcon, Katadyn and Rainbow as well as sharing educational development services for SnowPort System process.

After the business book ‘Turquoise Marketing’, he continued his writing career with ‘Turquoise Ressar’, ‘Turquoise Island’, ‘Turquoise Spring’, ‘Turquoise Southwester’, ‘Turquoise Letter’ (collection of fables) and ‘Turquoise Lips’ (essays, travel writings and memoirs).

He’s a licensed partner of Avendela Co, Borealise & Berkshire Enterprises International Management Consulting & Licensed Business Corporate and he continues his studies with a special and experienced team consisted of twenty seven people.

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