The Integrated Feasibility Report & Marketing Plan Preparation Program is a private institution reporting study that combines the preparation of an inductive feasibility report and the deductive study of a Turquoise Marketing plan to create the ‘Strategic Balance Plan’. The estimated preparation and study process before the presentation lasts two or three months.

Analytical feasibility study operation main headings;

– Economic Evaluation
– Analysis of the Market
– Central Management Area & Employment Conditions
– Technical Evaluation
– Manufacturing Technology
– Executive Software Functions
– Central Management Unit Configuration
– Target Marketing & Sales Program
– Industry Capacity
– Fixed Investment Amount
– Annual Revenues and Costs
– Hot & Total Capitalization Need
– Total Investment Amount
– Investment’s Economic Lifespan
– Investment’s Profitability
– Pricing
– Analytic Interpretation of the Result
– Social Interpretation of the Result
– Turquoise balance integrated analysis and interpretations

Cognitive marketing plan operation main headings;

– Situation Analysis
– Target Acquisition & Strategies
– Developing the Marketing Action Programs
– Application Program
– Coordination Distribution of Tasks
– Control initiative and delegation of authority limits
– Marketing plan result interpretations

With the building of the strategical balance bridge between inductive analytic feasibility report’s and deductive cognitive marketing plan’s result commentaries, the Integrated Turquoise Plan Report is completed.

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