This internal study is consisted of the main stages listed below and includes an approximately four months-long consultancy process;

Preliminary examination
Preparation and presentation of the inception report
Corporate research
A total period target-oriented, individual performance-based, measurable, just, transparent and competitive bonus system planning
Its presentation
Revision studies
Creating the steering group and computer program
Inspection unit
Regular tracking and organizing meetings in order to keep the system spirit alive
Developing it

In order for this system to turn into total synergy, instead of only focusing on the performance; it should be planned in a way that would benefit everyone within the institution and could turn into a sincere, empathetic and transparent program in which the results are evaluated while the iron is hot to determine the ones most deserving of a reward morally and materially.

Motivation is the most important factor amongst the ‘human values’ based on management science, because even in systems where the rewards are materialistic, it’s still emotion-oriented. Unless they prioritize the human emotions during a profitable corporate branding process; no model can create solutions that would lead to a consistent development.

Creativity is considered as the most important solution method in today’s marketing world where global competition continues increasing, but this factor cannot be found within institutions in which there’s no enthusiasm and team spirit.

Both psychology and social psychology sciences have been studying motivation resources, conducting experiments and creating theories for about one and a half centuries. But according to almost all the surveys made by independent institutions; majority of today’s white-collar workers do not only lack a consistent motivation, but also state that they’re unhappy.

Despite that, we can clearly see that performance bonus programs used by many companies are insincere. A lot of unfair systems where success depends on patronizing criteria or the point of views of the managers, or perhaps even their personal standards of judgement are still being used.

‘Self-fulfillment’ is the major element that would prevent one’s working life from clashing with their social happiness. A sincere and measurable corporate motivational premium system can pave the way for this element to into play. And that supports yet another valuable factor called the ‘company spirit’, which is something one cannot achieve through financial power.

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