Educational development consulting is a systematic and sustainable process management model that improves the total quality management in accordance with common goals and the sense of belonging for the institution to reach its strategical achievements.

Turquoise Interaction Programs (which require continuity and are developed specific to the institution’s marketing program) include an exchange of knowledge and experience from the tutor and the participant, from one participant and the other, and then from the participant and the tutor which is a cycle we call ‘interaction education’.

Interaction education does not only make learning more fun but also lets the participants play the role of a tutor occasionally and thus makes the whole process more synergistic.

For the marketing plan’s strategical targets to be clarified and for the ‘Turquoise Education Programs’ to be developed; the Corporate Snow-Check should be organized first. This preliminary study aims to increase the participation to the Snow Check-Up application, which is the second phase, and lasts about ten days.

Snow-Check focuses on the ‘willingness’ measurement as well as the working principles of all the units included in the organization. In this way, the models that will be used in Check-Up stages can be determined properly. Check-Up itself lasts a week after a week-long preliminary study.

The report prepared after the evaluation of the Check-Up results is presented to the top management and by building an optimal Turquoise bridge between the current inductive system and the targeted upcoming deductive system, a strategic marketing plan and a profitability-oriented corporate branding program is created. The process of reporting, planning and clarifying the program takes about two weeks.

During the last stage (ten days) before the beginning of the education development consulting process, according to the assigned programs, the ‘Turquoise Interaction Education Programs’ adaptations are prepared until they’re ready to come into force after being shared and revised with authorized managers from each unit.

Educational development includes ‘Customer-oriented System’, ‘Bridges Between Sales and Marketing’, ‘Synergic Educational Optimization’, ‘Motivation Improvement Program’, ‘SnowPort Self-Regulation Institutionalization’, ‘Management of the Co-Profit Harbors’ in this specific order. Total education process (depending on the organization units’ vertical and horizontal sizes) takes about 6 months – 1 year.

At the end of this period, the main goal is to make sure all units are willing and ready to move into the ‘Turquoise SnowPort System’. In this way, ‘Branded Product Profitability’ which represents the strategic target, the ‘Motivated Person’ factor who will materialize it and the ‘Natural System’ that will tie them together will be constructed. Within the companies that embrace the SnowPort System, there will be more in-house interactions and communion which will support the continuous growth through the educational development process.

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