The aim of this situation analysis is to determine how beneficial the main management units of the institution and external solution partners are to the institution and how well they’re working in accordance with the short-term main goal so that the deficiencies can be determined as objectively as possible.

The person in charge of the Check-Up study does a field study with all the units within the institutions’ current strategy to carry out analytical and social measurements.

The results include;

Main target awareness ratio
Target-oriented study program ratio
Ratio of the inner desire to achieve the target
It’s measured and examined under the titles ‘coordination ratio with the other units’ and ‘total inter-units synergy ratio’.

Snow-Port Situation Analysis Bearing Points:

According to the analytical results
According to the white collared professionals (accounting, finance, human resources, supply chain managers, production, marketing, public relations, call-centers, education, law etc.)
According to the performance (passive and active sales etc.) professionals
According to the dealer & distributers
According to minor executives
According to top executives
According to the shareholders

Profitability-oriented Corporate Branding Structures:

a) According to the sales
b) According to the cost structure
c) According to the optimum balance plan

The main goal is to complete it in two or three months depending on the line of business or the periodic project’s size and horizontal structure. During this process, whether it’s mid-level management or the subunits, all the units participating in the program will be made aware of the fact the Check-Up study is not an inspection application but a development study specific to the institution.

For that purpose, the counselor in charge of the study manages to highlight the importance of ‘sincerity’ and ‘transparency’ during the study they planned to conduct on the condition that they share a ‘Turquoise Stress and Anger Management’ training program at the beginning specific to the institution.

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