This process is about the planning and developing phase that will be carried out with the institution requesting consultancy for profitable corporate branding.

It starts with a Check-Up practice that helps total organizational profitability performance for all units to be measured. The first phase of the Check-Up is to ‘take a bearing’ from at least three different angles in order to measure the real brand value, and to ‘examine’.

Kunter Dogrusoz ‘Turquoise Marketing© is structured between the integrated values of sales maximization (blue) values – measured as a result of bearing examinations – and corporate branding (green) values in a way that would create the optimal balance.

At the end of the entire process of examination, the ‘preliminary research’ is completed; which is the bridge between the deductive theoretical planning and inductive practical programs. The process continues with the preparation of the ‘Inception Report’ which is based on planning all the factors effecting the function ‘profitable corporate branding-oriented’, revision positioning route and programming.

After presenting the ‘Inception Report’, ‘Snowport System’ study process begins. It’s consisted of five major phases; ‘planning’, ‘organizing’, ‘executing’, ‘coordination’ and ‘control’.

After the fifth phase, ‘control’ (self-audit), it’s an eight months long consultancy process in which each different stage will last a month including the ‘revaluation’ month where all the results will be revaluated.

Along with the fact each stage is supposed to be based on a different target; they also need to transfer their results to the next stage. The process is conducted with the management consultant and related units’ managers within the same company in accordance with the corporate confidentiality agreement policies.

If the institution authorities evaluating the results of the ‘Inception Report’ choose not to be a part of the consultancy process, the project can be terminated as per mutual satisfaction and the guarantee of sincerity principles.


1H6C~1Harmony~6 Chemistries
The Snowport System©

  • Planning: 1H ~ One Harmony
  • Organizing: 1C & 2C ~ 1 Company & 2 Colibries
  • Executing: 3C & 4C ~ 3 Crystals & 4 Calibers
  • Coordination: 5C & 6C ~ 5 Columns & 6 Cruises
  • Control: 1H ~ Horizontal One Harmony

1H / Creation of a Family Spirit with ONE HARMONY Confidence
A- Feasibility Report
B- Marketing Plan
C- Strategic Balance Plan
D- General Budget & Judicial Security
E- Snowport Program
F- Horizontal Harmonic Schedule

1C / ONE COMPANY Center Finance Synergy Program
A- Budget Distribution to Leverage Managers
B- Authority & Reporting with Initiative Cycles
C- Audit Program
D- Gauging
E- Revaluation
F- Revised Budget

2C / 2 Colibries Individual & Corporate Career Routes Equality Program
A- Route Meetings with 2C Forms
B- Numerical & Verbal Mutual Harbors
C- Individual & Corporate Coordination
D- 2C Datebook Program
E- 2C Folder
F- 2C General Gauging & Interpretation

3C / 3 CRYSTAL Institution Culture & Brand Value Bearing Program
A- First Crystal: Supergroups’ Point of View; Information, Service, Supplier ~ Agreements
B- Second Crystal: Equal Partners’ Point of View; Distributors & Dealers ~ Sale Forecasts
C- Third Crystal: Subunits; In House & Rivals’ Point of View ~ Crystal Academy
D- Institution Culture Verbal Point of Bearing
E- Brand Value Numerical Point of Bearing
F- Main Route Turquoise Balance Revision

4C / 4 CALIBER Performance Management Program with Group Motivation
A- Cutting / Current Blue Customers Assignment Bonuses
B- Color / New Red Customers Encouragement Bonuses
C- Clarity / Cross Groups Equal Gain Support Bonus
D- Caray / Competitive Sales Activation Bonus
E- 4 Caliber Synergic Performance Tracking
F- 4C Performance Meetings Appointment Management

5C / 5 STAGE Blue & Red Customers Tracking Program
A- Customer Registration & Digital Tracking Program
B- Accounting Program & Coordination
C- New Red Customers 5-Staged CRM Tracking:
Contact, Check-Up, Presentation, Prescription & Offerings Stages
D- Current Blue Customers 5-Staged Tracking:
Hot (0-3 months), Culture (3-6 months), Order (6-12 months), Anniversary (1-2 years), Stability (2+ years), Total Quality Stages
E- Social Interpretation & Numerical Reporting
F- Stage Gauging Procedure

6C / 6 LOGBOOK Turquoise Matrix Management Program /
Inter Stage Experience & Time Synergy in Customer Management
A- 6C Management Panel Setup
B- Authorized Staff Assignment
C- Decision Processes Authority & Initiative Ratios
D- 5C Coordinated Open Reporting
E- Feedbacks & Award Management
F- Statistics & R&D

1H / Horizontal Schedule One Harmony Growth Program

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